Savelsberg Research

Savelsberg Research is owned by Dutch native Henrique Savelsberg. Henrique has 20+ years experience in developing and managing international market research projects. Both B-to-B and B-to-C. Savelsberg Research covers many industry sectors but specifically FMCG, beverages, packaging, air transport/travel and industrial research, such as rubber, plastics, paper/print. Henrique works with a team of highly-qualified senior quantitative and qualitative researchers across the globe. Specific focus and research partners for Europe, (South-East) Asia and Japan. Henrique moderates in Dutch and English language.

Service Range

  • Quantitative primary research.
  • Qualitative primary research.
  • Secondary research.
  • Supporting piecemeal quant research services.
  • Supporting piecemeal qual research services.
Minimum Service for Primary Research

  • Quant: presentation.
  • Qual: presentation.

Including any preceding tasks leading up to this service level.

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Profile Summary

Quantitative Research

In-house Consulting Capabilities

  • Survey (methodology) designing.
  • Questionnaire designing.
  • Summary reporting in writing.
  • Full reporting in writing.
Operational Capabilities

  • Fieldwork with or without data entry.*
  • Translation of field documents/responses to open ended questions.*
  • Questionnaire/DE programming on – or offline.*
  • Coding of responses to open ended questions.*
  • Online reporting/tracking.*
  • Raw data file preparation.*
  • Data tabulations.*
  • Advanced statistical analyses.*

* Outsourced.

Data Collection Methods

  • Computer aided web interviewing (CAWI).

Qualitative Research

In-house Consulting Capabilities

  • Summary reporting in writing.
  • Full reporting in writing.
  • Reporting by means of an in-person executive presentation.
Operational Capabilities

  • Recruitment with incentives.*
  • Moderating.
  • Translation of guide and screener.
  • Venue, hospitality and equipment.*
  • Simultaneous translation to English.*
  • English transcripts.*

* Outsourced.

Data Collection Methods

  • Venue based focus group discussions.
  • Online focus group discussions.
  • Venue based indepth interviews.
  • Work place indepth interviews.
  • Home based indepth interviews.
  • Online indepth interviews.
  • Telephone indepth interviews.
  • Online bulletin boards.
  • Home based observations (e.g. ethnographic studies).
  • Retail based observations (e.g. shopping accompaniment).

  • Consumers.
  • Retailers.
  • B2B services.
  • Finished product manufacturers.
  • Semi-finished product (component) manufacturers.
  • Raw material producers.
  • Industry experts, professionals, specialists, industry observers.
Secondary Research Methods

  • Online.
  • Offline.
Direct Field Resources

  • Belgium.
  • France.
  • Japan.
  • Malaysia.
  • Netherlands.
  • Philippines.
  • Spain.
  • Switzerland.
  • Thailand.
  • Vietnam.
Standalone Piecemeal Research Services

  • Translation of field documents and responses to open ended questions.
  • Summary reporting in writing.
  • Full reporting in writing.
  • Reporting by means of an in-person executive presentation.

  • Translation of DG and screener.
  • Summary reporting in writing.
  • Full reporting in writing.
  • Reporting by means of an in-person executive presentation.
Industry Sectors

  • Air travel and tourism.
  • FMCG.
  • Packaging.
  • Print/paper.
  • Raw Materials.
  • Rubber.
Industry Exclusions

  • Tobacco.
  • Armament.
  • Adult entertainment and products.

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