Fieldwork Quality Assurance Procedure



Code of Ethics

Agencies or freelancers engaged for a survey are members of WRA and they abide by our Code of Conduct.

The principles of these standards are largely in line with those adopted by the Market Research Society of Great Britain and ESOMAR.

You can download WRA’s Code of Conduct by clicking on the image above.

QA Report

WRA’s independent QA team verify that survey partners have implemented the agreed quality assurance measures.  Furthermore, the team carry out checks over and above those that the partners have handled.

Upon completion of the survey, the client receives a QA report  with the results of the verification measures.  Click on the image below to view an example report.

Telephone Recordings

Telephone recording of interviews without the knowledge of respondents is not only unethical, but illegal in most countries.

Field partners obtain permission for call-backs at the time of the interview. 

In case of telephone interviewing, interviewers ask permission before the interview starts.  100% recording may therefore not always be possible, unless the client accepts the premium of a lower strike rate in the quotation.

Qualitative Research

QA Measures for qualitative research largely serve to reduce the risk of no-shows of respondents and to validate the contents of recruitment screening questionnaires.