How We Work - Benefits

To Research Buyers

  • Research buyers remain anonymous, which eliminates prejudice and aids confidentiality.
  • From our network, with subscribers receiving priority, WRA sources the practitioners who offer one or more of the services you need. Basically, our reach covers all functions you could conceivably want in the research business.
  • From the bidders – agencies and/or freelancers – our outsourcing management team select the most suitable service provider in terms of relevant capabilities, experience and rates.
  • Clients may select several service providers for a single project, centrally coordinated by WRA’s project management team in Europe.
  • An online project bulletin board allows you to communicate directly with your selected survey contributor(s) after commissioning.
  • Overall coordination and quality assurance measures remain the responsibility of our Outsourcing Team in Greece, headed by a senior international market research professional.

To Research Service Providers

  • Subscribers to our platform make an important contribution to our network because we have full details about their capabilities and credentials with a commitment to upholding the ethical standards in the industry. This enables us to target recipients of RFQs more sharply and they receive them for this reason on a priority basis.
  • Subscribers can list their profile in our free online directory, enjoy priority in receiving RFQs and commit to our Code of Ethics.
  • Subscribers pledge to abide by the industry’s code of conduct and are subject to scrutiny of credentials.
  • We welcome new subscribers from whichever discipline, regardless of their legal status – including freelancers – so long as their services are relevant to the market research business; directly or indirectly. Subscription is completely free.
  • We alert subscribers of new RFQs by email and/or post them on our platform.
  • Logged-in subscribers can view and track progress of their quotations and receive feedback on their offer.
  • If they wish, subscribers have the opportunity to post their profile details in our free online directory with a dedicated URL page, describing capabilities, geographical coverage, expertise, experience etc.