Service Fees Structure

A Flat Percentage Rate

  • Subscription to the WRA platform is completely free. Without the subscription revenue stream, we cover operating costs from a 10%  sourcing fee to the billed amount for a project to the research buyer with an absolute minimum of US$ 500.

  • An additional project management fee is typically quite modest and depends on the scope of the survey.  This includes independent quality control.

  • In most cases our service more than compensates for our commission, as it generates significant savings thanks to receiving multiple quotations from cost-efficient service providers.

Terms of Payment

  • Terms between the buyer and provider are subject to negotiation, but with the latter tending to hold sway.

  • The industry norm is 50/50 with the first payment due upon commissioning and the final to be settled within 30 days.  However,  practices vary and depend on the relationship with the client.

  • WRA handles the invoicing and oversees timely payments.

  • WRA reserves the right not to provide quotations at its discretion, usually prompted by lack of feasibility or previous unfavourable dealings with the enquiring party.