Saurabh Daga

This freelancer is based in India and offers a full range of market research service, which include – other than India – selected countries in the APAC region.

Service Range

  • Quantitative primary research.
  • Qualitative primary research.
  • Secondary research.
  • Supporting piecemeal quant research services.
  • Supporting piecemeal qual research services.
  • Non research B2B services.
Minimum Service for Primary Research

  • Quant: fieldwork with (if relevant) data entry.
  • Qual: summary report.

Including any preceding tasks leading up to this service level.

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Business Research, accounts, auditing, internal audits, questionnaire designing, survey designing, business process audits, fraud detection, quality checks, quality compliance, retail audits, operational audits, transaction audits, due diligence audits, internet surf proficiency, eager to learn and apply new research softwares, email communication, business consulting in quantitative research, business process improvements.

Quantitative Research

In-house Consulting Capabilities

  • Questionnaire designing.
  • Summary reporting in writing.
  • Full reporting in writing.
  • Reporting by means of an in-person executive presentation.
Operational Capabilities

  • Fieldwork with or without data entry.
  • Translation of field documents/responses to open ended questions.
  • Questionnaire/DE programming on – or offline.
  • Coding of responses to open ended questions.
  • Online reporting.
  • Raw data file preparation.
  • Data tabulations.
  • Advanced statistical analyses.
Data Collection Methods

  • Paper aided personal interviewing (PAPI).
  • Computer aided web interviewing (CAWI).
  • Computer aided telephone interviewing (CATI/WATI).
  • Interactive voice response (IVR).
  • Mystery shopping – physical visits.
  • Mystery shopping – telephone calling.
  • Mystery shopping – emailing.
  • Mystery shopping – website visits.
  • Retail audits.
  • Retail observations.
  • Shop tests.
  • Retail census.
Qualitative Research
In-house Consulting Capabilities

  • Summary reporting in writing.
  • Full reporting in writing.
  • Reporting by means of an in-person executive presentation.
Operational Capabilities

  • Recruitment with incentives.
  • Moderating.
  • Translation of guide and screener.
  • Venue, hospitality and equipment *.
  • Simultaneous translation to English.
  • English transcripts.

* Outsourced.

Data Collection Methods

  • Online focus group discussions.
  • Venue based indepth interviews.
  • Work place indepth interviews.
  • Home based indepth interviews.
  • Telephone indepth interviews.
  • Home based observations (e.g. ethnographic studies).
  • Retail based observations (e.g. shopping accompaniment).

  • Consumers.
  • Retailers.
  • B2B services.
  • Distributors, wholesalers and importers.
  • Finished product manufacturers.
  • Semi-finished product (component) manufacturers.
  • Raw material producers.
  • Industry experts, professionals, specialists, industry observers.
  • Government officials.
Secondary Research Methods

  • Online.
  • Offline.
Research Products/Specialisations

  • Media monitoring.
  • Off the shelf survey templates.
  • Panel.
  • Publications.
Direct Field Resources

  • Bangladesh.
  • Bhutan.
  • India.
  • Myanmar.
  • Nepal.
Standalone Piecemeal Research Services

  • Translation of field documents and responses to open ended questions.
  • Summary reporting in writing.
  • Full reporting in writing.
  • Reporting by means of an in-person executive presentation.


  • Market research role secondment.
Excluded Industry Sectors

  • Education.
  • Entertainment (including sports).
  • Capital equipment.
  • Information technology and communication (ITC).
Other B2B Services

  • Advertising.
  • Auditing of accounts.
  • Business strategy consulting.
  • Call centre.
  • Communications consulting.
  • Credit reporting, business risk analysis.
  • Direct marketing.
  • Investment consultancy.
  • Management consulting.
  • Promotions.
  • Public relations.
  • Software/website development and testing.
  • Stock taking.
  • Training.

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