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Data visualization – automated reporting – interactive dashboards – powerpoint charting. E-Tabs has been providing cutting-edge data visualization and reporting solutions to the market research industry for over 20 years. We help businesses all over the globe boost their productivity by making the process of producing their reports and visualizations quick, simple and cost-effective.

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  • Supporting piecemeal quant research services.

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E-Tabs are the global leaders in report automation and data visualization and have been supplying the market research industry for over 20 years with solutions that save time, money and resources in the report building and survey results delivery process.

  • Report automation – whether it’s utilizing the world’s most advanced and widely used report automation solution for market research (Enterprise) or our “hands-free” service approach to reporting and automation where we do the work for you. This is ideal for any repetitive type project — tracking studies, multi-market, concept/ad-testing, etc.
  • Charting – our PowerPoint charting tool (Graphique) enables you to create charts from your tables at breakneck speed, helping you to easily find and present the story buried within your research data.
  • Online reporting & dashboards – using our ground-breaking MR dashboard platform (Iris) means anyone can build an online dashboard in minutes.
  • Data Visualization – our PowerPoint infographic plug in (Vizualz) allows anyone to be a data viz expert!

We provide our services across 60 countries globally through our international network of teams, providing close to 24 hour support and service whenever, and wherever our clients need it.

Research Products/Specialisations

  • Research software tools.

  • New Zealand.
  • United Kingdom.
  • United States.
Standalone Piecemeal Research Services

  • Automated reporting/charting.
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  • None.
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