Global Data Collection Company (GDCC)

From our GDCC sites we cover the world with our own native language speaking interviewing teams. All our locations use the same CATI platform and work with unified state of the art dialers.

GDCC – based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands – offers high-level, quality driven CATI services, across both consumer and business sectors, and has wide experience across many industries. We believe however that it is our dedication to quality interviewing and the `nuts and bolts` of CATI work that has led to our success, rather than a rigid focus on individual industries.

Service Range

  • Quantitative primary research.
Minimum Service for Primary Research

  • Quant: fieldwork with (if relevant) data entry.

Including any preceding tasks leading up to this service level.

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Mixed Mode
With the growth of the web, data collection has become the huge potential for running projects using both a combination of Web & CATI methodologies. For example, this approach can be used for screening `hard to get` respondents by phone for a follow-up web study, or using CATI to top-up quotas from a online survey.

Online Surveys
Although CATI fieldwork lies at the core of what we do on a day-to-day basis, we are also more than capable to run online surveys, as long as they are part of a bigger (CATI) project.

Quantitative Research

In-house Consulting Capabilities

  • Sample plan development.
Operational Capabilities

  • Fieldwork with or without data entry.
  • Translation of field dox/OE responses.
  • Questionnaire/DE programming on – or offline.
  • Coding of responses to open ended questions.
  • Online reporting.
  • Raw data file preparation.
  • Data tabulations.
Data Collection Methods

  • Computer aided web interviewing (CAWI).
  • Computer aided telephone interviewing (CATI).
  • Multi session surveys (e.g. diaries, HUTs).

  • Consumers.
  • Retailers.
  • B2B services.
  • Distributors, wholesalers and importers.
  • Finished product manufacturers.
  • Semi-finished product (component) manufacturers.
  • Raw material producers.
  • Industry experts, professionals, specialists, industry observers.
  • Government officials.
Direct Field Resources

  • Global.
  • Netherlands.
Excluded Industry Sectors

  • None.

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