WebCheck draws respondents from panels in accordance with the target audience you specify. Respondents visit your website and record their reactions verbally while navigating through your website either in free-flow mode and/or with specific instructions to test particular elements of the site. The respondents make use of an application that records both their spontaneous commentary (audio) and screen movements (video). Subsequently they complete an online questionnaire to rate key attributes of your website. These scores culminate in an overall assessment rating, automatically benchmarked against that of other users of the WebCheck.

Reporting is online in real time with a selection of audio/video recordings provided after closure of all the completes to illustrate key issues with your website.

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The procedure is as follows:

  • You specify the screening questions to reflect the target audience of respondents you are after and the URL of the website you wish to test. Respondents can be in any country, but subject to adequate panel coverage.
  • You select the sample size and composition you need with a minimum of 100.
  • From a standard template, we modify the questionnaire for your approval, after which we proceed with the translation (if required). The default language is English.
  • By default, respondents are given five minutes to navigate through your website in any way they see fit. Alternatively, you may issue instructions for respondents to examine particular aspects of your website, the time of which will be taken off the free flow navigation. The time to complete the subsequent questionnaire must not exceed ten minutes.
  • By default, we provide an online reporting link for you to view the results in real time as completes progress. The reporting link provides a basic analysis.
  • After receiving all the completes, we prepare a management report, data tabulations and raw data file, which represent the deliverables for the exercise complete with audio/video clips to illustrate key findings of the survey.
  • The turnaround of the survey is typically two weeks, depending on the target audience.

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