Translation Services

A poorly translated questionnaire confuses respondents who may either not understand the question and/or pre-coded answers or who simply get the wrong end of the stick. Either way, the results of the survey will be questionable. Professional translators should be responsible for this task, rather than a member of the field team allowed to dabble in translation work. If you have this need, we can help you find the right translator who is familiar with the colloquial language your target audience speaks and who have experience in the industry sector your survey studies.

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Translation from one language to another is not a question of just leafing through a dictionary and stringing words together into the grammar structure of the target language.  This kind of literal translation could lead to incomprehensible sentences.  Professional and experienced translators may restructure complete sentences and paragraphs to convey the right meaning.   Other than the linguistic challenges there are:

  • Industry terms and jargon.
  • Brand names that have a completely different spelling in the target language.
  • Names of newspapers, magazines, TV channels, social media channels etc.


  • Translation of questionnaires.
  • Translation of responses to open ended questions.