The Business Research Lab LLC

Full service employee and customer satisfaction and engagement surveys.

Service Range

  • Quantitative primary research.
Minimum Service for Primary Research

  • Quant: full report.

Including any preceding tasks leading up to this service level.

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All projects handled by experienced professionals.

Quantitative Research

In-house Consulting Capabilities

  • Survey (methodology designing.
  • Questionnaire designing.
  • Sample plan development.
  • Summary reporting in writing.
  • Full reporting in writing.
Operational Capabilities

  • Fieldwork with or without data entry.
  • Translation of field documents/responses to open ended questions.*
  • Questionnaire/DE programming on – or offline.
  • Coding of responses to open ended questions.
  • Online reporting/tracking.
  • Raw data file preparation.
  • Data tabulations.
  • Advanced statistical analyses.

* Outsourced.

Data Collection Methods

  • Computer aided web interviewing (CAWI).

  • B2B services.
Research Products/Specialisations

  • Research software tools.
Direct Field Resources

  • Canada.
  • United Kingdom.
  • United States.
Industry Sectors

  • None.
Industry Exclusions

  • None.

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