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About this Company

MRSS INDIA claims it is the largest independent market research agency in India with teams in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.  MRSS’ website suggests membership of the Market Research Society in India (MRSI), but neither the company nor its chairman, Raj Sharma, is listed in the directory.The agency declares to have a presence in 18 countries of the Middle East and APAC.  That this presence is largely virtual has been omitted from this statement.  MRSS submits that it is professionally managed with a high standard of service, deliverables and transparency. Nothing could be further from the truth and such claims make a mockery of its values:
  • Integrity: we are committed to act in an ethical, honest manner;
  • Respect: we believe that all people should be treated with consideration and dignity;
  • Teamwork: we are committed to long term, effective partnerships internally as well as with our clients.


On behalf of a client, WRA paid MRSS India a five-digit US$ amount as an advance payment for a multi-country B2B survey. The pretence of preparing the study, including a briefing, seemed convincing until MRSS received their payment. Thereafter the agency went into retreat shutting down all forms of communication. No replies to repeated emails and telephone calls remained unanswered. It soon became apparent that this agency adopts “hit and run” tactics: take the money and flee from responsibilities. In short: theft. A refund was requested without a reply. The debt-collecting agency assigned thereafter received the same treatment.

Partners in Crime

Raj Sharma
Sarang Jayant Panchal
Managing Director
Sandeep Bhatia
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