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What is a Panel

In market research, collecting responses through the completion of questionnaires is the more time-consuming and costly aspect of most surveys. Much of the effort goes into identifying respondents who qualify to participate in a survey and in persuading them to share their views and time to fill out a questionnaire. The harder they are to find, the busier they are, the more expensive the survey.

Panels offer a convenient solution by operators who develop a sizable pool of respondents who have agreed in advance to complete any survey coming their way in return for an incentive. Such panels usually consist of thousands of individuals who generally self-complete online questionnaires, though occasionally interviewers make contact for completion by telephone.

Spinning off mainstream consumer panels for feedback from the general public, are specialty panels to reach out to senior business executives and professionals such as doctors etc.


World Research Alliance does not operate its own panels, but recruits respondents to augment those of existing providers. They inform panelist in advance how much they receive for filling out a questionnaire, with the amount varying depending on completion time and profile of the panelists. The figure typically ranges from US$ 2 - 15.

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