Are you looking at making your mark by organising an unforgettable event? We can help. Social, business or a combination of both, no matter the theme, arranging events requires skillful coordination, best left to professionals. They are on our books. All we need to know are your requirements. You can click the link below for a general inquiry, or contact the listed member supplier directly by clicking on its logo.

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    Events Management

      • Networking conferences with keynote speaker.
      • Fine dining: invite your gourmet guests to renowned restaurants for a great social evening.
      • Charity orientated: a fun run, walk, bike ride event.
      • Adrenaline events: forumula 3 racing experience, jet skiing, bungee jumping.
      • Adventure: hiking, balooning, submarine experiences.
      • Team building; paintball competitions, mind games.
      • Entertainment: e.g. attending shows, tennis tournaments, racing events.

    Member Service Provider

    Hong Kong based ShowCraft Production Ltd. was founded in 2016 by a team of experienced entertainment professionals with management expertise in a wide variety of events.

    A brilliant idea has to marry brilliant show execution. Anything else leads to failure. Every event has only one shot and we aim for complete success and perfection in handling any event. The key to a brilliant show execution is in the details. The only positive way to leave a deep impression with guests is to offer a flawless event. In this business, expertise counts and not just size. We take ownership of the jobs we run on behalf of our clients and jointly bring them to a successful completion.

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