Interviewing, moderating; online or offline, quantitative or qualitative.


You can order published reports by members and subscribers directly from this website.

Sample Sourcing

Sourcing respondents' contact details for on- or offline interviewing/discussions. Qualitative and quantitative.

Data Management & Analyses

Online questionnaire programming, data management and statistical analyses. Also data entry, coding and tabulations.


Off the shelf, ready-made, research designs, incl. data collection, analysis and reporting format, for surveys to launch immediately and cost effectively.

Reporting & Presentations

Data interpretation, conclusions and recommendations in report and/or presentation format illustrated with graphs, tables and special statistical analyses.

Market Feasibility Surveys

Market feasibility studies provide demand predictions for business projects that may still be on the drawing board, e.g., new venture, market entry; incl. business plan.

Translations &

Translations of questionnaires, project instructions, OE responses.
Transcripts of recorded focus groups or IDIs in any language.