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    WRA has recently introduced an option to clients and vendors to receive and submit quotations on a “reverse auction” basis. This option is only available for simple RFQs that require a single CPI based on a straightforward survey specification.

    This quotation option works like any auction, except in reverse order. This means the winning bid is the lowest. Please note that we the winning bid is still subject to accepting the quotation by the client and to verification of credentials.

    You can find the specification of the survey under the tab “DESCRIPTION”.

    Item ID: RFQ2419 Category:


    RFQ Specification
    Research Topic

    The objective of the survey is to understand consumption habits among drinkers of premium alcoholic beverages generally and that of whisky in particular.

    Research Location

    • Dominican Republic.
    • Anywhere in the country.

    Target Audience

    • 50/50 gender.
    • Aged 18-45.
    • Consume alcoholic beverages.
    • Premium beer drinkers (e.g., Heineken, Corona, Stella Artois).
    • Non-regular drinkers of whisky.
    • Non-rejectors of whisky.
    • Non-rejectors of Johnnie Walker.
    • Can complete questionnaire through a PC (not on mobile or tablet).
    • Estimated IR is 35%.


    • CAWI with respondents drawn from a panel.
    • We program and host the questionnaire in Spanish.
    • LoI = 20 minutes.
    • Maximum number of days in field: 14 working days.


    • N=800.

    Quality Control

    • We assume the panel provider will have its own QA checks in place to ensure that respondents completing questionnaires are genuine without proxies.
    • The questionnaire does not require any PII.


    • No tactile deliverables.
    • Service only.


    ResponsibilitiesWRA/ClientSurvey Partner
    Programming/hosting the questionnaire in SpanishX 
    800 completed questionnaires X
    Incentives X
    Quality control X
    Starting Time

    • August 2022.


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