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Dadch&co Market Research Agency offer a full service of research and opinion poll survey in West African Countries. Dadch&co Market Research is a proud member of ESOMAR, an essential organization for encouraging, advancing and elevating research worldwide. The company is managed by a team of dedicated professionals with diverse research experience in Senegal and across the West African sub-regions (Gambia, Mauritania, Mali, Guinea Conakry & Bissau, Ghana, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo, Niger, Nigeria and Congo Kinshasa).

Service Range

  • Quantitative primary research.
  • Qualitative primary research.
Minimum Service for Primary Research

  • Raw data file, coded or uncoded.
  • Qual: presentation.

Including all preceding tasks leading up to this service level.

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Our specialization is born out of over 12 years combined experience in research and consultancy. The collective experience of the Dadch&co Market research team enables us to adapt and tailor research techniques to suit the needs of our numerous clients. Dadch&co Market Research has officers who have considerable experience in their respective areas of expertise. The experiences comprise of senior professionals, who have worked on various research/survey projects, and have wealth of competencies to perform effectively and efficiently towards achieving the required results in various projects. Further, our junior associates are trained in sociology, education, economics, statistics, mathematics, political science, computer science and marketing. All these skill sets make us a formidable team to perform and deliver. Our corporate policy lay emphasis on rigorous quality control measures where our competent personnel actively involved with each service or assignment ensures that clients’ needs are met, results achieved and that the highest quality standards protocols are adhered to and maintained.

Dadch&co Market Research specialties include, desk research, quantitative and qualitative survey development both approach F2F and CATI, advanced statistical analysis and customized social research involving all areas of research studies. Also, our professional touch, innovativeness and ease of adapting to current trends in the research industry, makes use several exclusive tools that enhances the efficacy and effectiveness of our assignments.

Quantitative Research

In-house Consulting Capabilities

  • Methodology development.
  • Questionnaire designing.
  • Sample plan development.
Operational Capabilities

  • Fieldwork with or without data entry.
  • Translation of field dox/OE responses.
  • Questionnaire/DE programming on – or offline.
  • Coding of responses to open ended questions.
  • Online reporting.
  • Raw data file preparation.
  • Data tabulations.
Data Collection Methods

  • Paper aided personal interviewing (PAPI).
  • Computer aided personal interviewing (CAPI).
  • Computer aided telephone interviewing (CATI).
  • Mystery shopping – physical visits.
  • Mystery shopping – telephone calling.
  • Retail audits.
  • Retail observations.
  • Shop tests.
  • Retail census.

Qualitative Research

In-house Consulting Capabilities

  • Methodology development.
  • Guide and screener development.
  • Summary reporting.
  • Full reporting.
  • Presenting results.
Operational Capabilities

  • Recruitment with incentives.
  • Moderating.
  • Translation of guide and screener.
  • Venue, hospitality and equipment.*
  • Simultaneous translation to English.
  • English transcripts.

* Outsourced.

Data Collection Methods

  • Venue based focus group discussions.
  • Venue based indepth interviews.
  • Work place indepth interviews.
  • Home based indepth interviews.
  • Telephone indepth interviews.
  • Home based observations (e.g. ethnographic studies).
  • Retail based based observations (e.g. shopping accompaniment).

  • Consumers.
  • Retailers.
  • B2B services.
  • Distributors, wholesalers and importers.
  • Industry experts, professionals, specialists, industry observers.
  • Government officials.
Research Products/Specialisations

  • Omnibus.
Direct Field Resources

  • Benin.
  • Burkina Faso.
  • Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Gabon.
  • Guinea.
  • Ivory Coast.
  • Kenya.
  • Mali.
  • Mauritania.
  • Niger.
  • Nigeria.
  • Senegal.
  • Togo.
Excluded Industry Sectors

  • Education.
  • Electronics.
  • Entertainment (including sports).
  • Fashion.
  • Furniture and furnishings.
  • Capital equipment.

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