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Membership is completely free ad infinitum.  You can cancel whenever you wish.  Membership includes a free listing in our directory so that potential research buyers can contact you directly.  The listing is optional and if you choose not to, it will not affect the other benefits you receive as a member.
Instead of membership fees covering operating costs, WRA charges research buyers a small percentage – typically 10% with an absolute minimum of US$ 500 – of the project fee, depending on the coordination complexity and service level.

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To enroll as a new member, or to update your profile if you have already joined, please complete the form below. Before doing so you may want to read up on the Code of Ethics by which members should abide.  You can download it here. It is essentially a summary of the main principles that govern a professional conduct in the industry. Thank you and we look forward to you welcoming you to the WRA family!