RFQ Specification

One of our regular US clients has reached out to us for some onsite research connected with sports and entertainment events. We have helped this same client with several of such surveys on different continents.

The development of the survey is in an embryonic stage with it planned for spring/summer next year. It involves either intercept interviews in fan zones or administering recruitment questionnaires for respondents to self-complete an online questionnaire after the event. The client did not confirm the promoter of the event but we assume these to be football (soccer) matches related to the Caribbean Football Union.

At this stage, the client needs to check the feasibility of conducting this type of research in the countries below and understand the likely cost implications.

  • Countries: Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.
  • Where: assume the capital or major population centre in each country.
  • Resource requirement: 5 interviewers over 3 consecutive days, 6 hours per day: 120 (wo)man-hours per site.
  • Assume that this work is during the daytime running into early evening.
  • The client will manage the necessary security permission/credentials for interviewers to conduct this work in the fan zones at the events.
  • If any incentives are required we will tell the client they need to provide them.

If you are interested in this kind of work and you have the required field resources could you please let us know the (wo)man hour rate for the countries you can manage?

  • Costa Rica.
  • Dominican Republic.
  • Guatemala.
  • Jamaica.
  • Mexico.


If you are interested in bidding,  you can email your offer to Simon Anders, Resource Manager on simon.anders@world-research-alliance.com. If you have questions or comments and you are logged-in, you can enter them below. Else, you can reach out to Simon by email.

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2 months ago

This survey is still under under development with fieldwork not due to start until spring/summer 2023.