Together Beyond COVID 19 – AUS KSA UAE ITA USA – 2020

The experience we are living through because of the epidemic CoVid19 is definitely new and unexpected for most of us. Only people who were kids or teens during World War 2 have lived an experience in a some way comparable to the current one for its effects on the social fabric and on the collective psyche.

So far the likely unconscious perception of many XXI century people was that such epidemics belonged to the past times and couldn’t occur in a modern and «scientific» world like the one we are living in.

Let aside the actual seriousness of this epidemic (only in the future years it will be possible to compare its effects vs. the ones of other pandemic, such as the ones of Spanish Influenza), it is certain that the decisions taken by many governments across the world to tackle the epidemic CoViD19 have definitely upset our habits, our daily life, our social relationships, the very way of working of many people, not only for the present time but likely for the future too.

The results presented in this study intend to show briefly under which aspects behaviors and habits of people living in different countries of the world (Australia, Italy, KSA, UAE, UK, USA) have changed and will likely change in the future.

The results of this international survey provide a picture of a world that will go slowly back to “normality” and that likely will change part of its behaviors and habits. The purpose of this study is to provide to companies, media or institutions just hints on the issues that should be probed in future in-depth ad-hoc studies in order to get detailed information aimed to cope efficiently with the incoming and changing world scenario.



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