In this internet age, employers should expect to have the information they need to fill a vacancy instantly at their finger tips. We provide just that.


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Employers can sort and filter key details of candidates in our online database without charge. Particulars that identify the candidates are however protected and remain confidential in this initial search. After selecting one or more job seekers, saved in a wish list, we share the CVs after receiving permission from the relevant candidates to do so.

After the employer has reviewed the CVs and has shortlisted candidates for an interview, we arrange an online video conferencing session at a time that suits the candidate and the potential employer.

Alternatively, the employer may post vacancies on our site and we scout for eligible candidates who may or not be in our database.

The interviewing is through online video conferencing, which allows several representatives of the employer to attend. We record the session for future reference.

The employer pays a token amount for interviewing at a rate that depends on the level of seniority of the candidate. The one charge entitles the employer to arrange up to three separate interviewing sessions with the same candidate.

After the employer considers making a job offer, we help with the negotiations of the salary package, and complete a reference check of up to three previous employers and arrange a psychometric aptitude test with the candidate.

When satisfied with the results of the reference check and aptitude test, the employer engages the candidate and further communication is direct henceforth. At this point we charge a recruitment fee.

Conventional recruitment agencies charge anywhere between 10 – 25% of the annual salary. With a flat rate of just 5%, regardless of the seniority of the candidate, ePlacements only charges a fraction of prevailing recruitment rates.

Although the focus of our service is on professionals in any industry, in principle our business model caters to filling positions at any level.


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