Automotive Customers during COVID 19 – Saudi Arabia – 2020

Project Background

It is an uncertain time for people and brands in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. People around the world are feeling insecure and anxious, and brands are looking for the best ways to respond to this time of crisis. Focal Point has decided to conduct a syndicated study to identify how COVID-19 is affecting consumer’s behaviors, attitudes and expectations specifically for the automotive sector. The report for Saudi Arabia is ready. The one for the United Arab Emirates is pending a subscription.

Research Objectives

A clear and concise understanding of following key questions:

  • Consumer general sentiments.
  • Overall change in consumer behaviour.
  • Vehicle ownership and future purchase intentions.
  • Key encouraging factors to buy a vehicle.
  • Importance and acceptance of online sales and service option.
  • Change in e-commerce usage.

Methodology & Sample Size

  • Online interviews.
  • 300 interviews across KSA/UAE using auto customers database (20,000+ contacts).


Information Areas

The research will help you answer questions like:

  • Consumer general sentiments regarding economic condition.
  • How are the attitudes changing?
  • How has purchase behavior changed?
  • What vehicle brand(s) and segment(s) do they currently own?
  • Were they planning to buy a new vehicle before the pandemic?
  • How likely will they stick to the plan of buying a new vehicle?
  • Is automotive promotion more important or safety & convenience during the pandemic?
  • What brand{s) and segments) they had in their consideration set?
  • Acceptance of online vehicle sales and service option.
  • What can we expect next?

Timeline and Subscription Fee

  • KSA: the report is already available and the subscription charge is US$ 2,500 (excluding VAT) for the report.
  • UAE: the report will be available 20 working days after a subscriber has been secured. The subscription charge is US$ 2,500 (excluding VAT) for the report. Please click here to view the details.
  • If both markets – KSA & UAE – are subscribed together the charge for both is US$ 3,900.
  • You need to pay 50% of the fee to process the order and the balance due upon delivery of the report.

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With strict lockdown announcements, dealerships were forced to close from the beginning of April 2020. The potential automotive buyers were already skeptical of making major purchases; hence the vehicle purchases were also assumed to be deferred indefinitely. However, a growing trend of online purchases across multiple categories was observed. Buyers were making online purchases either due to the limited access to retail stores or because they were too concerned to be infected with the virus. This new trend of consumers spending more time online made it important for automotive dealers to have a strong presence on the web.

Just three weeks after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by WHO, a leading North American automotive trading website was tracking 3.8 million visits and 12 million vehicle detail page views generated weekly by almost 2 million users. This represents a sizable number of online shoppers, just in a single week nationwide.

The year 2020 started strong, with the first two months showing 40% growth in new
vehicle sales versus the preceding year. However, March 20 sales figures were impacted by COVID-19 worries as post-mid-March restrictions resulted in a slowdown of sales. Even with a slow March, the sales’ closure for Q1 2020 was with a 28% growth versus the previous year.

Below an introduction to the survey to give a taste of what to expect from the report. The report for Saudi Arabia is ready, while the one for the UAE is pending a subscription.

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